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Explain your current situation to your five-years-go self

Howdy Griff.

I know you’re working on different projects and going through school, so I won’t keep you long. I know you want everything to happen at once. Well, you still haven’t dropped your most prized project yet—your mixtape. But that’s okay. For the next five years you’ll never show anyone your writing except for your brother, girlfriend, and your small friend group. I know you get too much in your head and fear what others think—but I digress. You still write every week and freestyle with your fake mic. Never change.

Keep writing though. You started a project a couple years ago that you’ll dig up later on your computer—not going to give you the details because I don’t want to distract you from your 2 am homework break. But it’s inspirational and you should be proud of what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. And yes, you actually share this one to the world.

I know how badly you want it—that sense of creating something you’re proud of. This ever-longing search for something that feels perfect. Something inspirational, an unlocked treasure of the “what-if.” Your curiosity continues to explore to find the answer.

I know you get down on yourself but I’m here to let you know that you’re doing well. Don’t stress. I know your work will get to you so much that you’ll question it and doubt your abilities. But you’ll figure it out, learn it, and soon become the teacher—relatively quickly. I think your best years are ahead of you, but make sure you stop and reflect on all of the fun you had and all of the friendships you made—you’ve kept many. People look up to you, they really do. You’ve become a mentor. You did something worthwhile and most importantly, you didn’t give up.

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